The Medieval Flat Figures of Hans Mueller, Erfurt


Now in English and Hardcover!



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This updated, expanded and hardcover book, now in English, on Hans Mueller’s medieval and Saracen/Ottoman flat figures is expected to be published in July 2021.  People who pre-order it can have it mailed once printed or can pick it up at the Saturday 4 September 2021 Zinnfigurentag in Schmalkalden, if the event is held.  Due to the high printing and mailing costs, the quantity of books published will be limited and scaled to the number of pre-orders.

Unfortunately the publisher cannot offer a discount for pre-ordering.  The limited numbers being printed, maximum of 50 copies, and the hardcover binding necessitate a higher price than for the softcover earlier German edition.  Furthermore, anticipated increases in postage rates in June from Germany to the USA and Canada increase the cost for shipping to those countries.

The book will be approximately 180 pages, DIN A4 (8¼ x 11¾ in.), hardcover format, and contain over 600 illustrations including colour photos of all of Hans Mueller’s medieval, Saracen and Ottoman figures that have been painted by 38 collectors from Germany, other European countries and the U.S.  It also contains all of the additional, attachable flags for the 1410 Battle of Tannenberg/Grunwald that Mueller produced.  All 460-plus figures are presented in their original 30mm scale or larger, many depicting both sides.

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Knight painted by Walter Fischer

Additionally, the photo montages depicting all of the unpainted figures and the tables describing them, which appeared in the Nov 2019-Jun 2020 articles in the Die Zinnfigur magazine and in the German book have been updated and are now in English and contain other additional information.  Many new photos of figures and images of the drawings that inspired them have been added.

The publication also has chapters written by Gernot Schlager, Henry Schmidt und Hans Schwahn – experts on the development of medieval armour and the Mueller figures.  This book is a valuable reference work for every collector and provides a unique view of some of the most beautiful flats ever produced, and then painted by impressive artists.

Ordering in English, contact:  Rick Sanders, 31 Silver Darter Lane, Candler, NC 28715, USA



Germany:            € 55,-- including domestic mailing

Other countries.:  € 60,-- /$73.00 US including international mailing


When ordering, please include the mailing address (street, town, country) and if available your email address.  Payment will be due in advance.  An invoice with payment options (check in $U.S., bank transfer within Europe, or PayPal) will be sent via e-mail and a receipt will be included with the publication in the packaging.


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Soldier painted by Stefan Wenzel
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“Saladin” painted by Henry Schmidt



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Crusaders and Saracens painted by Gianpaolo Bistulfi